Tina Florist & Gifts at USJ SS15

Previously, I mentioned that we were looking for flowers for our ROM around SS2 and USJ SS15 . [White Rose Florist]

One of the florists that we went into was Tina Florist & Gift. We ended up not picking this florist because the lady, supposedly the owner, was kind of snobbish. She doubted our sincerity when we were enquiring for her flowers. In addition, the samples that she gave us were kind of “old styles”. And, the most unsatisfactorily thing that she said to us (her potential customer) when we informed her that our ROM is on a Monday was “I don’t open my shop on Sunday. If you want, you need to come on Saturday. To keep your flowers fresh, just put in the fridge.” To me, this is real bad customer service and I personally did not like the manner she speaks to us (in a manner similar to – looking down at us). Or, was she having a bad day or hormonal disorder? We left immediately after she handed us the name card and have no intention to revisit.


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