K Care Shop at Damansara Utama

Recently I was at Damansara Utama for an appointment (Aug 22, 2011) and bumped into K Care Shop, which sells a variety of shampoos. And, it was having discounts up to 60%-70% (and so forth). Near the entrance, I spotted the brand of shampoos and conditioners, which I am currently using – which is Schwarzkopf Professional Malaysia. Coincidently, I needed to replenish my conditioner. So, I went into the shop to make a quick grab. I confirmed with the sales assistant if it was going on a discount, which was 60%. She told me that it is more worthy if I were to get the bigger sized conditioner. However, looking at the “jumbo” size of the shampoo, I declined (as I am not sure if it is wise to do so). She did not pursue me but allow me to look at the items in the shop by myself. I bought a hair clip as well.

Having not much time left, I went to the counter to make my payment. While I was waiting for the cashier to key in my items, I noticed that there were two other customers served by another sales assistant. The customers had a lot of queries about shampoos, conditioners and even high colors, which the assistant carefully explained. It was nice to see that the assistant was kind of patient with the customers, who first wanted one product and then switched to another.

I left before the two customers. From my observation, they do offer some advice to customers (but I can’t judge how effective/ sound the advice is, since I am not too familiar with these stuffs). Overall experience, I think they have good customer service. Will I get my products there again? Yes, if I am around there and I run out of shampoos and conditioners – and they are offering at discounts.

Follow up read: Here

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