One box of Yook Tho Yin Mooncakes (4 pieces) for RM 38

Generally, mooncakes have been getting expensive, year-by-year. And, it is rather shocking that this year’s (2011) mooncakes are as high as RM 16.50 (normal kind of mooncake), not to mention those that go on snow skins.


There were few mooncakes promotions over the discount sites. Finally, we spotted one from “Yook Tho Yin” from Groupon, which is also one of my mum’s favourite restaurants in Damansara Uptown. They were offering one box of mooncakes (4 pieces) for RM 38, which comes to about RM 9.50 per piece. So, hubby went into the site to “purchase” it (this is his first purchase from Groupon =P).


Few days later, the voucher was ready (Groupon voucher #3967271741). I wanted to check on their quality of service, so I made the call for booking instead. A lady answered the phone.  I told her I bought a voucher from Groupon and want to make booking for my mooncakes, which will be collected on the coming Saturday. She told me that there is no need for booking, as there are mooncakes ready, and thus, I can come anytime (their opening hours) to collect it. I repeat after her just for confirmation and asked if I needed to print out the groupon voucher, which she said “yes”.


So, this morning (August 27) we went over to Yook Tho Yin to collect the mooncakes. After entering the restaurant, immediately, the staff called his boss, informing her that we bought groupon vouchers. The lady then showed us the mooncakes, which are readily stacked near the entrance. After making our choices, she immediately put it into a box, knife was given and packed into their paper bag. We gave her the printed voucher. When we wanted to leave, she immediately called back us back. She gave us the RM 13 cash voucher (which we have forgotten about it), which can be redeemed for mooncakes or restaurant delicacies. However, I noted that the voucher can only be redeemed for the next visit for food above RM 30 or 1 box of mooncake.


Overall experience is pleasant. We have no idea about the mooncakes taste, as it was bought as a gift to my parents.

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