3 classes (2-3 hours per session) at Malswisse Derma Care Training Center for RM50

I bought a groupon voucher (my voucher #211825624) worth RM 50 earlier this year (2011) for these 3 classes (2-3 hours per session)at Malswisse Derma Care Training Center. Initially, their center was only in Empire Shopping Gallery (now they have one in SS2).

Once the deal can be unlocked, I called to check the class availability. I was given some available dates by Jovin (who was friendly over the phone) and confirmed via sms (the next day). Upon arrival for the scheduled class on the first day, I was welcomed with a big smile. I was given the choice to choose, which teacher I wanted to go along with (there were two batches of class where each batch has not more than 15 students). I have no idea about the teachers there, and thus choose by random. So, my teacher was Janice, and from first look, I think she could be a student from the center, who probably was undergoing a training program to couch other students (and thus why Malswisse can have such deals at low prices? –just my guess).

While the voucher states “Learn day and night makeup”, on the first day, we were taught skin care course, which also promotes Malswisse products at the same time. I was a little disappointed that they taught about skin care while I was expecting a make up class on the first day. They could have stated that clearly in the deal (which I noticed that their later deals did state it). At the end of the class, we were asked to choose the date for our second class. On the second class, we were finally taught day make up. Everything went on as expected. Although I did choose the date for my third class, when the day came, I decided to forgore my third class for personal reason.

Overall, I think the lessons provided are “ok” (anyway, I learnt that make-up is an art, not a science, thus no one right way to do your make-up). I find that the disruptions in the class are often caused by fussy and demanding students (who bought the groupon vouchers), rather than the trainers. So, whether your class is a pleasant one or not, really depends on your “luck”. Also, Jovin has also professionally handled the students, though they were really annoying. I like her cheerful attitude towards the students.

Malswisse did promote their products during the class, but they weren’t aggressive hard sell. I think it is worth paying RM 50 for three classes, though I missed a class and did not want to bring hassle to them to rearrange another class for me. Anyway, lately, I notice that they have increased the same course price to RM88.

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