Jintex Electronics

When we moved into our condo unit, it came with a semi-washing machine (as stated in our S&P). For someone who has been hand-washing clothes for three to four years, she would be delighted to have whatever machine available for clothes washing. A semi-washing machine is one that needs you to transfer your washed clothes to another section for spin dry, which was the little hassle compared to a normal washing machine. It was rather old and we planned that we will upgrade it to a normal washing machine.


After about six months of hard saving, we looked around for a quality washing machine and also a quality seller. Some recommended brands include Toshiba and Sharp. And, then we decided on getting a bigger one, 9kg so that we can also wash blankets. Next, we surveyed around an online forum to check on the sellers. We were shocked to find that there are many delivery woes out there in the market. At last, we found Jintex Electronics (which has quite a number of good comments). We contacted the seller (Kevin) via the forum to ask for the price. We were quoted RM 980 for the Toshiba 9kg washing machine, which includes delivery and setting up. We also checked that he can deliver the machine on Saturday and he has the stock.


Instead of buying online, we decided to pay a visit to his shop (around early October 2010), which is located in Taman Sea, on a Friday night. Upon arrival, we asked about the machine that we wanted. We were quoted about RM 1,000+. Then, we informed the lady that we actually spoken to Kevin, who gave us the price RM 980. The lady then informed Kevin and he said “yes, the deal was RM 980”. So, we paid a deposit of RM 50 and the remainder will be paid upon delivery.  Delivery was promised on the very next day. However, due to lack of staff, he asked if my husband could help with carrying of the machine on the next day, which we then agreed. We then asked if it is possible for him to take away the old machine, which he said no issue for that. He gave us towels and a pack of softener, as free gifts.


On the very next day, before the promised time, Kevin called to confirm if we were at home. We were surprised that he was in front of our condo unit, instead of he wanting us to help him – because coincidently the security guard of our condo area helped him (he came +/- 10 minutes of the promised time). So, Kevin just needed little help in lifting the new washing machine to the washing area (We actually removed the old semi-washing machine and cleared the washing area before his arrival). He professionally set up the washing machine and taught us how to use the machine. After his explanation, we happily paid him the remainder sum in cash. He then carried the old machine away.


We are satisfied with the service provided by Jintex. We also realized that it is possible to sign up as member in their website (jintexelectronics.com) to check prices of the electronics that they supply. It is an avenue for us to check prices of the electronics, which also make easy comparison. Yes, we will be return customers if there’s need for replacement of electrical items. But, as always, bargain the price with Kevin or whoever that attends to you, and pay in cash – save the merchant fee and get some discount. Also, remember your free gifts if you buy large items.

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