Balloons – Something Special 2U, SS2 or Balloon Bouquets, Section 14?

In May, we were looking for helium balloons for our pre-wedding shoot. From the forum, I got to know about Something Special 2U, which is located in SS2. It specializes in selling Chinese Wedding stuff, and they do have helium balloons as well. In its website, it was mentioned that 4 round and 4 heart shaped helium balloons cost about RM 26. So, we decided to pay a visit to the shop. Upon arrival, we asked the sales attendant about the helium balloons as posted on their website. None of them know what we were talking about. Then, we went to their shelves that displayed balloons and asked them about pricing. It was RM 3 to RM 5 for the helium balloons, depending on the shape. Given that our pre-wedding shoot would start from day time (from 9 am), we asked if we can get it by 10am (on a Friday morning). The sales attendant says they only open at 12pm and if we want it earlier, they can come in earlier but they will charge us an additional RM 20 on top of the cost of the number of balloons we order. Feeling that they are not very service-oriented, we decided not to place the order there. They weren’t that good in handling customers.

Our next stop is Balloon Bouquets located at Section 14, Petaling Jaya. We already know their presence and they are kind of famous. We initially thought the helium balloons there would be pricier. But, we are glad to find that they charge RM 3 for both round and heart-shaped balloon. In addition, the male sales attendant takes his initiative to explain to us the difference of a helium balloon that could last longer compared to the RM 3 ones (which last about eight hours). The difference is they add on glue for the pricier helium balloons (I have forgotten about the pricing for this). We asked if we can collect early and the sales attendant says that they are open at 10am. So, there is no additional charge. But, he reminded us to book in advance so that we do not have to wait on the day of collection.

We made our bookings for 10 helium balloons (RM 30) one week before our pre-wedding shoots with Balloon Bouquets, Section 14. And, in the morning, on our way to our outdoor location, we dropped by to collect the balloons, which was ready for collection. We are happy with how the balloons turn out and how the sales attendant arranged it! The only setback about this branch is the parking.

One thought on “Balloons – Something Special 2U, SS2 or Balloon Bouquets, Section 14?

  1. When our business started on end 2010, Something Special To You was still fresh and the business hour is very short & limited and the staffs may not be well oriented yet. However, since 2012, our business hour has been extended and open daily as early as 10am and there is no extra charges to get them at 10am since then. Appreciate your kindness if you can update this information. Thank you.

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