Paul Cheng Photography

In December last year (2010), we were scouting for a photographer for our ROM/ wedding. And, coincidently, Paul Cheng, who was my former classmate added me on facebook and I came to know that he is in the photography business. When it comes to picking a photographer, I think “trust” is an utmost important factor. Given that I know Paul personally, without much hesitance, we contacted him via email. And, we also wanted to check on his availability on our day. His email response was fast. He quoted us a price (which cannot be disclosed as per promised) and suggested that we meet up.


Paul came all the way from Klang to meet us at SS2 on a morning, and arrived earlier than us. He explained to us about his photography service, described more about himself (since we have not met for the past 10 years) and how the services will be conducted during a ROM and wedding. He also probed us on the kind of theme we want (which we have not much idea on). At the end of the conversation, he told us that we did not have to agree on the spot, but think about it and let him know in a couple of days. Few days later, we agreed to have him as our photographer on our ROM day.


Throughout the period before the actual ROM day, we stayed in contact via email, google chat and Blackberry messenger.  Paul made sure that our queries are all answered.


On the eve of the ROM day, instead of me reminding him of the event on the next day, he smsed me to check out how I was doing and asked me to relax.


On the actual day, fearing the traffic, we arrived early at the venue. What surprised us is Paul arrived even earlier than us. As our request for him was we wanted him to take some pre-wedding shoots and given that this is our first time having a professional photographer, he guided us throughout the process. Photos were shoot when guest arrived, before, during and after the signing ceremony and the group shoots. What I observed was Paul does not simply click his camera but just two or three clicks and confident that the photos are good. He also created some environment when our look become stiff.


We have asked Paul to join us for lunch after the ceremony. Given the lunch was located near Petaling Street, Paul took the initiative and suggested that we take some pre-wedding shoots too at that area, which was a good idea.


On the very next day, Paul Blackberry messaged me and asked for permission to upload some photos on his website. We wanted to view those photos first before he posted it on his website. So, he emailed to us the hidden link. Once we were “ok” with that, he posted some photos on his website.


About a week later, Paul contacted us and suggested that we meet up again to get the photos in another week time. So, we met at Subang Parade to get the photos. After viewing the photos on the spot, we handed him the fee, as per agreed.


Overall, we think Paul is good in terms of servicing and photography skills. While initially I did not have much feedback for Paul (which he often asked me for it) and after going through some other photography in the past few months, I think one point that Paul could improve on is be more observant of the objects’ (people) – for instance, if the person’s dress has flipped up or the standing legs are wide open, and more focus can be placed on the object (not just the scenery).


We initially engaged him for our actual day wedding photography. However, out of some unexpected circumstances, he could not make it. He tried his best to make us feel at ease, by even suggesting another photographer and meeting up for it. It’s abit disappointment that we could not work together this time around but there are certainly many opportunities in the future.


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