HRH Nail Studio SS2

I wanted to get a nail art for ROM. I have no idea where to, and thus I google search some nail saloons – the key factors for me are the service plus location. So, I bumped into HRH Nail Studio and found that they have 3 branches – Section 14, Section 17 and SS2. Being more familiar to SS2, so we went there to check out before hand (few weeks before day I wanted to do the nail art).

In the nail studio, I told her that it is for the purpose of ROM. So, the manicurist explained that I would need to do the normal manicure first before doing nail art. She then showed me some nail art sample. I was actually more concern about the pricing, since it was the first time I am doing nail art. So, I asked how much will it cost, and she said approximately less than RM 100. So, I happily set an appointment for the day before ROM.

On the appointment date (which is late March 2011), I told her that I wanted to do pedicure as well. Initially, she said she couldn’t as there are other appointments placed. But later, she said it was possible, as the customer was late. The place is serene and thus really conducive if one wants to relax while having their manicure and pedicure done. I find the manicurist is more professional in the sense that they do not yell at one another and totally focus in giving their customers the full attention. This was also my first experience of nail art, after hearing so much about it. I opted for a non-3D nail art. The bill comes out to RM 127 (classic medicure and pedicure + nail art + French tip).

My second visit was in June 2011, as I wanted to get a nail art for my pre-wedding shoot. I called to make an appointment, where they professionally handled the appointment making process. They wanted to explain to me the package they were offering at that time, but I told them to speak to me on the spot. This time around I brought along my nail art magazine, and showed the manicurist on the pattern I wanted. I signed up for the two times basic manicure and pedicure, which was RM 100. The additional nail art cost RM 50. So, the total bill was RM 150. The manicurist confidently mimics the nail art, which I showed her. I am really satisfied with the actual outcome. I actually spoke to the manicurist who did my nail art, and she told me that it was practice that makes her nail art jobs perfect. In addition, she is really a young lad to begin with. I am impressed.

My third visit was in July 2011, to utilize the one time basic manicure and pedicure, which I have paid for. Prior appointment booking was made, similar to the previous experience. No hard sell given even though they know that would be the end of my package.

Personally, I like the experience in HRH Nail Studio. The environment in the shop is good and the service given is professional. Compared to my first experience in another nail saloon, I came to understand about the need of manicurist being hygiene on their nail tools. The only setback in the SS2 branch could be the traffic and parking. I will probably visit their other outlet in Section 17 on my next visit.

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